Oct. 9 County Meeting

Twelve Saunders County Democrats and 3 guests were present at the County Meeting Oct. 9, 2016, at Bordeaux Pizza in Ashland. imag0014

Those present discussed the coming Banquet plans for decorations and persons responsible for various tasks during the event, submitted information about and money from ticket sales, and made suggestions about topics, speakers, and the schedule for future County Meetings.

Discussion included that getting out the vote was not only about winning specific elections, because the proportion of registered Democrats who vote also determines how much money and other resources we receive from the State and National Democratic Party and the number of delegate seats Nebraska Democrats get at the National Convention. In addition, in the “off” years, turning out the vote gives us a real chance to elect Democrats to local offices.

Officers explained we are having regular monthly County meetings after the Executive Committee Meetings, and a few more before the election, because Democrats need to get to know each other to become active. We need volunteers to serve not just as Precinct Captains but as Precinct and Community Committees. We also need to recruit candidate for 2018 elections. Jack Eager and others strongly suggested having “drawing cards,” such as speakers at these meetings.

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